Until next year…

Wimbledon 2020 has drawn to a close, and what a Wimbledon it was. With the Championships cancelled for the first time since WW2 fans relied on history and technology to bring us the joy of the Championships. They certainly delivered. No matter how great the classic matches are however, there is something they simply couldn’t provide. The feel, smell, sound and sensation of being at The All England Club in person.

A little over two weeks ago I shared a photo essay of pictures from The Queue last year. I thought I would end our series of Wimbledon blog posts with a glimpse of the grounds. I truly hope we all have the chance to visit again next year.

Centre Court: Upon entering the grounds through the turnstiles allocated for queuers the glory of an ivy covered Centre Court is the first thing to greet you.

Sport and Elegance: Looking out over the most elegant sporting grounds in the world from the view about Court 18.

The Draw: Where but Wimbledon would you find the the draw displayed in analogue and changed with the use of a wooden ladder?

Henman Hill, forever and always: The perfect spot for a picnic, for people watching, and for tennis.

A colour scheme to plant for: Every time I go to Wimbledon I am astounded by the beauty of the planting, the thought, care and attention given to every flower choice and every inch of the ground.

Keeping Time: Above the doors to Centre Court, time watches over everything.

Handsomely Guarded: The doors to the club, guarded just as the show courts are, by volunteers from the armed forces.

Play is Suspended for the Day: Covers on when the rain comes.

Under Cover: Play on Centre Court under the beautiful, retractible roof. Goodnight sweet Wimbledon.

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